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There are songs that don't need an explanation. Songs with such heart, just build you up and shake you up, and ‘One Day’, the new single by Bernese songwriter Abu is very much one of these.

Produced Legendary Bernese producer Ben Mühlethaler (Prince) and written by Abu himself, the Swiss songwriter poured his soul into the single through exhaustion, frustration, decades of experience and an extremely high degree of musicality. Leaving the finished song like an adrenalin injection with an arrangement like a steep ramp with powerful piano chords, a voice that opens the chest and production that holds no prisoners. ‘The song has taken on something existential for me’ - and you can hear that.  The result is a song that gives hope and resonates after the first listen, which has already become a self-fulfilling prophecy for him.

When you talk to Abu about his music, you very quickly realise it’s a physical thing, about strong feelings, pain, scars and moments of tension but also that of relaxation. All of them are connected with music. Because music is his form of expression, his means of communication - but also his form to enter into dialogue with himself. For years, the 38-year-old Berner worked primarily in the background of the music business as an artist manager, booking agent and as a roadie. Always wanting to offer others the perfect environment for their music. During this time, his senses have sharpened and his own musical vision came about in passing.

In 2011 out of nowhere he released an album ‘Earn And Seed’ and secured a contract with major label, Universal and put together a band, toured Switzerland and its neighbouring countries. After the release of ‘Reset’ (2016) he sharpened up production and opened up the sound which lead to the release of ‘Beautiful Waste’ gaining number 8 in the German Indie Charts having had over four million times on Spotify to date - a foretaste of what his choruses, his mixture of unconventional production and unerring pop flair can do.

Now, after a long search, many discarded song sketches and broken off collaborations, Abu has arrived. ‘One Day’ reflects his potential and just what’s to come. Today the career of Abu starts anew.


Label, Booking, Management, PR: Dominic Oehen / d.oehen@radicalis.ch