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animal house

Cheeky as monkeys and catchy as the flu, Animal House will have you dancing from floor-to-rear with their current EP „Sorry“.

Animal House are here to kick a bored, robotic generation up off their arses and dancing to guitar music again. With accolades and experience coming out of their ears, there is little doubt that they are poised to become one of indie music’s leading guitar bands. Nonsense, cheekiness and foolish yet on-point observational humour are quickly becoming their trademarks as well as their tight, rebranded 60s garage pop sound. The band’s latest single „Sour“ is raucous, yet well thought out; a welcome break from the EDM bashing that is dominating the pop charts.

Uprooted from the sweet sun in Australia, Animal House relocated to the UK to bring their casual charm onto European stages and into their tracks. Whilst they joke about their hedonistic adventures in the unique pseudo-culture of Brighton, the underlying message is solid; when it comes to entertainment, they’re not trying to impress you - the music - the energy, it speaks for itself.


Booking & Promo GSA: Christoph Hallerberg /

Promo UK: A Badge Of Friendship
Label DE: popup-records


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