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Imagine the illegitimate love-child of Kate Bush and Cyndi Lauper taking part in an aerobics class taught by Peaches while Stevie Nicks and Madonna are screaming at everyone to loosen up and David Bowie songs are blaring from the speakers. That might give you a vague idea of what to expect from her debut “I Hate The Way You Chew”. Produced by the legendary techno musician Patrick Pulsinger it was released in the spring of 2017 and featured lyrics that were a little bit crazy, a little bit thoughtful, but every bit on point.
Ankathie Koi, a classically trained jazz singer who hasn’t only mastered her craft and her three octave vocal range but is also at home across a range of styles. She can perform enchanting standards from the American Song Book just as easily as she can play the elegant chanteuse like Hildegard Knef.
But Ankathie Koi doesn’t use her talent as ‘l’art pour l’art’. She isn’t really interested in the American Song Book. She doesn’t sing jazz ballads either. Ankathie Koi produces danceable pop with an obvious 80’s influence. The songs, like the singer, are simultaneously colorful, hyperactive, catchy, sexy, and elegant. Qualities that were already apparent in her performances with the glam-pop duo Fijuka. Her solo shows just turn all the dials to 11.


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