a random physical sensation


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ANnie goodchild

With the release of her first solo EP «A Random Physical Sensation» after breaking away from the band Melou, Annie Goodchild gave us our first taste of the witch’s brew that is her lush composition and spell- binding performance. Her dripping voice weaves you through worlds unrestrained by genre, fortified by the earth and carried by her magic. «Bring me a drink and I’ll sing like an open book»– the goblet has been filled, and with the upcoming release of her second EP «Meditative Mouthfuls» we have finally been invited to drink deeply.


release information

EP Title: A Random Physical Sensation
Release Date: 02.09.2016
Format: CD & Digital


Management: David Bruger / d.burger@radicalis.ch
Management & Promotion: Cristina Vega / c.vega@radicalis.ch
Booking: Kristina Hofstetter / k.hofstetter@radicalis.ch