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carnival youth

The journey started in 2014 when Carnival Youth released their first EP „Never Have Enough“. Three years later, the title song combines over a million clicks on Youtube and almost two million Spotify plays representing their talent to write catchy indie-pop hits. Their first album „No Clouds Allowed“ bursts of positive energy and contains sing-along anthems suitable for the indie dancefloor as well as the pop radio station at the same time („Brown Eyes And All The Reset“, „Sometimes“) thus raising interest from festivals all over Europe such as Sziget, Open’er, Reeperbahn and The Great Escape.

This success story culminated in winning the prestigious European Border Breakers Award at Eurosonic Festival in the Netherlands in 2016 just shortly before releasing their second album „Propeller“.

On „Propeller“ Carnival Youth developed their sound to a more raw and experimental kind, showing their development in style and range and their diverse influences while at the same time growing older and processing the various experiences from the previous months. Edgy and fuzzy guitar riffs („Fooling Myself“) meet thougthful ballads („Youth is Gold“) and show a maturity that is rare for bands in the early twenties. Nevertheless, „Connection Lost“ and „Surf“ prove that Carnival Youth didn’t lose the ability to write catchy indie songs to dance along to.

After laying low in 2017, the four Latvians are about to return with full-throttle and new music in the beginning of 2018, bringing their cheerful live show to stages all over Europe.


Booking CH: Sevi Landolt /
Booking DE+AT: Christoph Hallerberg /

PR & Label GSA: Backseat


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