cupid bite

Don't kill the beast (ch)

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Don’t Kill The Beast

Don’t Kill the Beast is back: From an acoustic solo project to a top-class line-up. What was once a sensitive, modest but fascinating one-man show has become a full-blown band with a new record, which shoots straight to the ear. Still direct, still honest, but more expressive. Mastermind David Blum sings about love. Where does love begin and how do you incorporate it within yourself? The new album «Cupid Bite» is made up of nine songs about self-esteem with a love-thy-neighbor attitude. The album cover depicts a winged creature, a “beast” carrying his guitar like an archery bow, ready to pierce your heart with his arrow. The figure is Cupid, the personification of love and he is irresistable.

release information

Album Title: Cupid Bite
Release Date: 17.11.2017
Format: Vinyl & Digital


Booking CH: Sevi Landolt /
Promotion CH: Cristina Vega /