Like a modern day mage with an ability to conjure magic from the sounds around her, Estère’s unique brand of Electric Blue Witch-Hop creates an unparalleled melange of music. Acclaimed as a rare performer of unique calibre, her catalogue for support slots includes opening for the likes of Grace Jones, John Cale, Flume and Erykah Badu. Referencing the meaty side of electronic music with thick bass atop weighty drums then contrasting it with organic acoustic textures - Estère bedecks her production with a rich elastic voice and punchy, ethereal melodies.          

The coy hiss of Vietnamese bamboo trees, the  angry crash of a cutlery draw, the clicking tongue of a possum, are all examples of the strange sounds Estère has sampled and surreptitiously slipped into her music.

Estère’s penchant for extraordinary lyric writing escapes the common realms of popular music, delving into imaginatively philosophical narratives about displaced refugees, kids obsessed with technology, controlling urges, rent, prostitutes becoming presidents and much more …


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