evelinn trouble

Evelinn Trouble was once called the bastardly child of Thom Yorke and Patti Smith. If this were true then she has the sensitivity and sonic inventiveness of her father, but she has her mum's roaring, revolutionary spirit.

Born in Zurich to a swedish jazz singer mother, she grew up in the city's vibrant squat scene, where her musical talents were battle tested living and playing in occupied houses. „Performing in front of drunk punks at 2am on a stage on the verge of collapsing teaches you everything you need to know as a musician“, as Trouble herself puts it. Her unique voice was soon discovered by Sophie Hunger, also from Zurich, who took her on tour as backing vocalist in her band. 

Trouble's restless musical personality is hard to ignore. 10 years, 4 albums and 3 EP's later, she has created a vast sonic universe of dark poetry and breath-taking beauty, never bothering about genre boxes or playing it safe. Trouble is a daredevil, willing to go all the way to find a new experience. This risk-taking attitude in her music seems to apply to her life too, with scar tissue to prove it. One of which she got from leaping onto a moving train in her early twenties, in order to „finally have something happen“ as she puts it. She survived the incident only by an inch, with more than 10'000 Volts passing through her body, awaking in a hospital bed with third degree burns that take years to heal. A valuable lesson in patience for the highly-strung Trouble. It made her change her life drastically and move to London, leaving friends, distractions and excess aside. 

This daredevil is also a shapeshifter, a creative multi-talent with the inherent urge to experiment with all forms of artistic expression. She is renowned for her visual work, directing her own music videos aswell as videos for other bands, her poetic visual language being traceable to the DIY background she is from, be it a remake of the classic Wizard of Oz as a trahsy splatter shortfilm or a ride in her tourbus that leads through a fractal zoom to a place above the clouds. She played the bloodthirsty Salomé in the opera of the same name, composed music for several plays and film and is regularily touring the world with a contemporary theatre company, miming a knight who -much like herself- was hit by lightning.

Her debut was a lofi-pop-ethos, self produced and recorded at 17, rough on the edges, pure at heart. But the innocent soul-pop soon made way for an abrasive industrial electro shock rock when she discovered a Juno 60 Synth in a friend's attic. There followed a motown inspired analog live recording and a psychedelic concept album. Evelinn Trouble’s songwriting is honest and direct, poking the finger where it hurts, with lyrics merging political and personal matters into one, the latest example being „WISH MMXVII“, a song that she wrote after visiting a refugee camp in Athens in order to gain understanding of the ongoing tragedy happening on Europe's borders.

And now, this shapeshifter somewhat cynically announces her next record „HOPE MUSIC“ will be „a contemporary pop EP“. Like her debut, she recorded and produced this one all by herself, the sonic universe being a collage of two years of homerecording in several bedrooms, attics and hotelrooms across the globe. It was mixed in Berlin, where the nomadic spirit of Trouble resides these days. And again, the music refuses to fit any label. Maybe the best attempt is to say „Hope Music“ sounds like Patti Smith and Thom Yorke had a baby.


EP Title: Hope Music
Release Date: 04.05.2018
Format: Digital


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