evelinn trouble

Evelinn Trouble - the Berlin based artist from Zurich in London exile is definitely meeting up to the expectations her name evokes:

She is anger, rage and grief, power and force, but also fugacity and nihilism. Her music stirs you up, just like her performance. Evelinn Trouble provokes, offends and advocates her vision of music and art - a vision that has to be uncomfortable and does not shy away from anything - not even the artist's health. Having played with Sophie Hunger, releasing four albums an being part of countless theater- and video-productions, Trouble is also a ghostwriter for several swiss pop-artists and is operating in fields of conceptual art.

Evelinn Trouble is the sought-after "infant terrible" of Switzerland's art-scene - much valued and honoured by all, but too radical for the mainstream. Evelinn Trouble's fourth album «Arrowhead» (2015) has once more cemented her reputation as "Zurich's most dazzling rock-artist" and was titled "best swiss album of the year". After numerous tours in Switzerland and abroad and several shows at renowned festivals like Montreux Jazz and The Great Escape Brighton, Evelinn Trouble will present her fierce and provoking artistry in Switzerland once again in April 2017. 


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