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first breath after coma

After the European best Independent album of the year 2016 nomination for “Drifter”, Portuguese based First Breath After Coma return with more than an album.

“NU” (means naked in Portuguese and when you read it may sound like “new” in English) is an audiovisual piece where First Breath After Coma and Casota Collective (the bands own video production collective) build a sound and visual story exploring new forms to translate emotions and live experiences from the music to the screen.

“It started as a conceptual music album but soon we figured out that the album format needs to be updated or reinvented.”

Instead of making a soundtrack or a film score to a movie they’ve done the other way around, translated the music story and concept into images. Just that . No narrator. No dialogues. The sound of the film is the album, each scene is a song, all the scenes build the album, the album is a movie. 40 minutes long. The lenght of a vinyl. The length of a TV series.

Releasing three videos before the album, the movie will only be screened in full at selected film festivals later in 2019, after releasing the album in March 2019.

The first single/scene “Heavy” is not the starting point or the beginning of “NU” but it’s the best clue we may give to introduce you to the metaphoric and labyrinthic universe of “NU”. 


Label GSA: Christoph Hallerberg /
PR GSA: Christoph Hallerberg /
Alex Beyer /

Booking DE: Patchanka
Label PT: Omnichord Records



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