foxtrott (CAN)

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Montreal’s Marie-Hélène L. Delorme, aka FOXTROTT, will release the first in a series of EPs on June 8th via One Little Indian Records. The first instalment in the series, Meditations I sees the inimitable producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist return to form, with rich, off-centre sounds, earthy beats and shimmering percussions. Each of the three self-produced EPs, which are to be released throughout 2018, explore the complex relationship between the inner life and the outer world. The musician developed these tracks during a solitary retreat to southwestern Mexico, even incorporating ambient sounds from her voyage into the music.

Having channeled fears, insecurities and assorted “twentysomething stuff” into her debut A Taller Us, Delorme found herself more confident, relaxed and open on Meditations I-II-III, a state of being that she really found herself embracing during her visit to Oaxaca, Mexico. “This is where I found the energy and the tone I wanted to capture for the EPs; the warmth, the sounds… It was a happy solitude, a sense of spiritual intimacy, from which I was observing and listening to the outside world. The birds, the animals, and the police sirens you hear ever so faintly on the tracks are from Oaxaca."

Meditations I is like the opening of a window after a long winter, when a warm and perfumed breeze comes in. Like Spring, it has a sense of renewal, excitement, expectation and warmth.


PR GSA: Christoph Hallerberg /
               Alex Beyer /

Label: One Little Indian Records