The history of Frère begins in the outlands of the ruhr area in Western Germany. Between abandoned coal mines and stale beer, the young Alexander Körner starts transfering his daily experiences into songs. Right from the beginning the now 25 year old knows how to make use of his gloomy surroundings: Instead of depression and a dull everyday life his sensitive songs provide a unique serenity.

Today, three years and 200 concerts later, the Singer-Songwriter project has developed to an electronic post-folk symbiosis consisting of four talented musicians. With multi-instrumentalist and producer Alessandro Marra, jazz drummer Sebastian Grönheit und versatile guitar and bass guitar virtuoso Alan Kasab, four different worlds meet in Frère, building the base for their emotive soundscape.

On September 1st 2017, Frère released their debut album „Void“ consisting of eight glowing gems. The title track „Void“ for instance makes you think of José Gonzales, Efterklang, Hundred Waters or This Will Destroy You though with a unique craftsmenship and feel where Alex‘ singer-songwriter authority as well as his fragile voice play a leading role. Tracks like „Ghost“ or „Shadows“ make you want to lose yourself in their tender compositions, to disembark from your day job and dream away. „Portugal“ and it’s opulent intro brings back a long lost joie de vivre. „Trains“ is about traveling a lot and whishing to spend time with someone while at the same time knowing that being on the road is exactly where you belong.

„Void“ is a first class synthesis of content, expression and dynamics, a blend that Frère know how to put on stage. After proving this on festivals such as c/o pop, Juicy Beats or Feel Festival and selected headline shows this fall, Frère will return to the stages in April 2018. Prepare to be enchanted!


Booking & PR GSA: Christoph Hallerberg /

Label GSA: popup-records