as long as there are spotlights


illeist collective

More than 80 concerts in Europe, over 60'000 views on YouTube and around 85'000 plays on SoundCloud. Despite being considered an insider’s tip still, the illeist collective has created quite a buzz in the European indie music scene.

The illeist collective moves skillfully between genre boundaries, embracing both the analogue and the digital. Its sound is an uncompromising and playful journey through various musical landscapes. Adventuresome, approachable but never trivial.

Songs unravelling off the beaten mainstream tracks leaving opportunities for dis- coveries - A celebration of musical diversity with a lot of love for detail.

release information

EP Title: As Long As There Are Spotlights
Release Date: 03.06.2016
Format: Digital


Label, Promotion: Dominic Stämpfli /
Booking (CH): Vale Hebel /