Juan blanco

A name that sounds hispanic, music inspired by the English-speaking scene, lyrics sung in French: this unique mix is the work of Juan Blanco, the up-and-coming folk-ambient artist in Switzerland! Juan Blanco offers dark and intense folk music, aimed at creating an atmosphere and a mood that varies between its rock influences and softer tunes. With a particular attention to detail, Juan Blanco’s music follow the singer’s deep and tortured texts, expressing poetically – and in French – themes such as travel and human relationships, with frequent use of obsessing, aerial, vocal harmonies. Artists such as Ben Howard, Sigur Rós, Nick Drake, Noir Désir or Damien Saez, are as many musical and lyrical influences.


Booking, Label: Frederick Dürr / f.duerr@radicalis.ch
Promo: Cristina Vega / c.vega@radicalis.ch