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matthias gusset

Matthias Gusset, born and bred in Basel, composes and interprets neo to post classical piano music. With its fine melodies, soft harmonies and clear structures one can hear a resemblance to minimal music and film score.

In 2009 and 2014, he recorded his first two solo albums with the titles "1" and "2" on his own and also published them himself. The fact that his third work is titled "3" (26.06.2019, Radicalis Music), is pure consistency.

On the 10-piece album the melodies are placed in the foreground. These usually arise spontaneously at the piano and are then developed into a greater musical theme. The harmonies have a supporting function and reinforce the feeling of the melody, without distracting from it. "The harmonies serve the mood and the atmosphere, but the melody has to tell a story," says the 30-year-old pianist about his way of working.

The fact that he does not look for great references or role models in other solo piano music and does not see himself as a great connoisseur of classical piano music speaks for his musical creativity and his flair for convincing melodies.


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