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After her first tour sold out months before the shows MOGLI is back with new dates all over Europe in 2018 and announced that she is currently working on her next EP.  "Wanderer" her latest album entered the German album charts without a label in the background and guaranteed the up and coming artist a spot in the indie music world for years to come. The inspiration for it came on glaciers in Alaska and in the jungle of Mexico, on mountain peaks and in the desert. 

The 24 year old singer embarked on a big adventure in 2016: Expedition Happiness. She converted a 40 foot school bus to a loft on wheels and traveled through North America for a year with her partner, filmmaker Felix Starck. MOGLI directed the documentary that came out of it and was in charge of the soundtrack to the box-office hit, featuring on it with 12 of her songs from the album, that she wrote on the trip. 

Having her piano and guitar on board made it possible to write songs literally in the middle of nowhere. The result is haunting. Some songs incorporate the epic vastness and depth of nature while others are like a window to her inner self. 

Her melancholic songs are often arranged with bold drums, timbal sounds and choirs, but her folky melodies sometimes only need a Grand Piano. With her fragile yet intense voice MOGLI takes you to far away places. 


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