living inside your love

Monumental men (CH)

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Monumental Men produce electronic music with the intensity of movies. A captivating mélange where determination and caution, force and tenderness, fanfares and soul and analog and digital meet.

Fanfares herald the coming of something big, something epic. Maybe there is a whole army waiting behind that hill. Maybe a hurricane. Clouds pass overhead as if they were migrant birds on their way to winter’s nest. This might as well be the opening sequence of a new cult series. Something in between «Game of Thrones» and «Twin Peaks» perhaps. Certainly mystical and mighty, but also very close to nature.

The music of Monumental Men generates images, evoking atmospheres and worlds normally reserved for the big screen of a movie theatre. Weighty, rock-like beats and sounds are contrasted by delicate and distorted vocals, merging into experimental pop music. At the same time confident and seeking, electronic and analog, organic and completely artificial. Monumental sounds, at first glance set in stone only to vanish the very next moment.

release information

Single Title: Living Inside Your Love
Release Date: 19.10.2018
Format: Digital


Label, Booking, Management: Dominic Oehen /


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