navarone (nl)



Classic, Progressive, Grunge, Alternative, Stoner… For the Dutch rock band NAVARONE it's like a walk in the park. They don’t shy anything. Sometimes throwing bombastic brick walls of sound in your face, sometimes gently whispering in your ear, but always with authenticity as starting point and passionate dedication as the way.

With already 3 highly praised studio records and a live DVD in the pocket they've found a brand new partner in Sandlane Records. And their first release is already a noteworthy one. On April 6, 2018 Navarone will release a 'special limited edition' vinyl EP “Loud & Clear”, which contains 2 brand new tracks, plus acoustic recordings of songs from the previous records.

Fall 2018 the release of their upcoming new record is planned. Expect an higher-then-ever level when it comes to compositions and production. But also in terms of power, dynamics, depth and diversity. In short, the prospect is clear: these musicians have got the presence and the future of ROCK in the palm of their hands.


PR GSA: Christoph Hallerberg /

Booking DE: Magnificent Music/KBK/Wizard
Label: Sandlane Records



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