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pale male (CH)

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Pale Male

Multi-instrumentalist Fantin Moreno (aka Pale Male) bases his music on a vital need to express raw emotions, song by song, soul to soul. His music resembles his inner self: sometimes gentle, sometimes angry, always fragile.  Pale Male’s self-titled debut album (release 21.09.18) doesn’t follow any rule : it varies from folk/americana subtlety to stadium/80’s rock, from the orchestral touches of a string ensemble to the country landscapes of a lap steel.

His first single «Simple Man» (release 30.03.18) illustrates this sonic spectrum in a perfect way : starting with intimate vocals and guitar, it quickly evolves into a maelstrom of drums and majestic horns. As the first line says : « Pale Male is a simple man, he can’t lie to people. » And that’s what you’ll find in his music : pure honesty.

Except the horns, every instrument and vocal was performed by Fantin Moreno. It’s just him and you, and here’s the soundtrack to it.

release information

Single Title: Moving Houses
Release Date: 17.08.2018
Album Title: Pale Male
Album Release Date: 21.09.2018
Format: Digital (Single)

Promotion D-CH: Cristina Vega /

Promotion F-CH: Alexandre Pirollo /

Label: Dominic Stämpfli /