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Pedro Lehmann, which has now grown to a trio, releases «Agony I», an epic in three parts – a trilogy that holds the sorrow of a full year. Pedro Lehmann has never been a group of high spirits. Indeed, «Forestal», the band’s debut, was also set on the dark side of life. Now, the first of three parts of “Agony I-III” emerges – and the pain hits close to home.

«Agony I», like its predecessor, came into being in the deep, dark corners of the Rheintal, a region in St. Gallen. The new songs are about the agony of an absent love, estrangement and the insecurity that comes with it. «Agony I» is raw and human, a manifest like never before in the eight years of Pedro Lehmann’s history.


Management, Booking: Frederick Dürr /
Promo: Cristina Vega /