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Pioneers of a genre called ‘Trip Jam’ which fuses elements of Latin, funk, psychedelia, soul and hip hop music, Peluché are a troupe of intrepid troubadours whose freewheeling artistry have already pegged them as a standout force in London’s rapidly diversifying sound.     

All self taught musicians, they formed in 2014 through a beautiful stranger in a customer service encounter and quickly formed a strong musical bond through their love of jamming. Peluché jam in their self-built studio space in a garden shed, and always record the foundations of tracks live. Their songwriting is jam-based and their live shows are partially improvised and draw you into their unusual world.

Now their latest single ‘Keep Making Me Happy’ offers Peluché’s most musically liberated offering yet. They say of it: "'Keep Making Me Happy' developed from a mood and an unspoken feeling - we were jamming in our shed to some old Ibiza Club Classics and suddenly the bassline, beat and atmospheric sounds arose, built and repeated until we were lost in the rhythm of the groove.” 


PR GSA: Christoph Hallerberg /

Label: One Little Indian



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