ROLI FREI & the soulful desert (CH)

Roli Frei & The soulful Desert

“Perhaps the most talented singer Switzerland now has in the field of pop, rock, blues and soul” goes on tour with his new album, Strong is not enough.

For more than 45 years, Roli Frei has, in the widest range of different ensembles, been inspiring and fascinating domestic and foreign audiences alike with his inimitable voice – a voice whose pathos and sensitivity are as convincing in the softest and subtlest of passages as they are in loud and powerful outbursts of rage and indignation. The immediate emotional effect of either on the listener is irresistible. “It’s true, my voice is a gift,” Frei openly concedes. “And I’m deeply thankful for it!”
And in part due to that multifaceted voice, each of the fourteen songs on Strong is not enough can stand entirely alone. At the same time, though, they also supplement and complement one another and fit together like the pieces of a puzzle, to form a greater whole: a true musical gem. The songs pose questions about the state of society, seek answers to recognisable developments and introspectively illuminate the artist’s own position in life’s emotional rollercoaster. 

We can promise you: Roli Frei & The Soulful Desert is a musical trip you’ll be happy you took.


Album Title: Strong Is Not Enough
Release Date: 04.11.2016
Format: CD & Digital


Management: Dominic Stämpfli /
Booking: Kristina Hofstetter /