Just a few years ago, the three women were travelling through Europe as street musicians together with their fraternal rhythm section. Their first studio song «Take To The Skies» did not only bring them hundreds of thousands of clicks online in 2015, but the newcomers also won the pop award in Basel (Basler Pop-Preis) in the same year. Even outside their hometown, people started scrambling to get the folk quintet with cellos, guitar, double bass and cajon. The streets that used to be Serafyn’s stage turned into their path to clubs and festivals all over Europe.

Serafyn have grown musically. The drums have upstaged the Busker-cajon almost entirely. And together with Pola Roy of the band Wir sind Helden in the studio in Berlin, they set new accents like the bar play and the swirling twang bass in the hypnotic, almost gloomily throbbing title song «Foam». Their delicately stirring folk still sounds clearly tared and free of kitsch and clutter. The ten songs offer space for listening and drifting up until the point when yet another catchy part of the lyrics appears and one immediately wants to join the choir: «We’re all in, in we are» - just like Serafyn reiterate like a mantra in «Morning Tea». Yes, we are.

release information

Album Title: Foam
Release Date: 10.02.2017
Format: CD, Vinyl, Digital


Management: David Burger /
Booking CH: Frederick Dürr /
Promotion CH: Cristina Vega /

Booking DE: Andreas Pese Puscher /
Publishing Worldwide: Wintrup /