Is it Art Pop? Psychedelic Rock? Or maybe even Spitball Blues? Soybomb’s style avoids definition and flouts genres with its characteristic musical explosion, teasing the ear in the twinkling of an eye. The trio saunters to the rhythmic variation of its music as it delivers a tongue-in-cheek critique of our generation’s oscillations between chaos and calculation. Equipped with guitar, drum kit and synthesizer, the troika doesn’t shy at the bombastic tones of the pop world. They treble psychedelic distortions, they rock the boat with beach pop refrains, and offer relief through intense solos tugged from the forgotten vaults of rock.

Their sound is accessible and yet full of surprises. The playful contrast between thought absorbing sing-alongs and explosive riffs is disarming. As if orchestrated by ghostly hand, the trio from Zurich cannot be grasped. All at once, theirs is a music both dead and breathing, penetrating but without weight, kaleidoscopic yet constant. Soybomb is music with its finger on the trigger, trigger happy and trembling.


Album Title: Plastic Festival
Release Date: 03.03.2017
Format: Vinyl & Digital


Label Service: Dominic Stämpfli /