stucki & steiner

A drum kit and a saxophone - Jazz in the most compact format. 
Marc Stucki and Christoph Steiner founded their duo well in the know that this was a very simple yet challenging idea. Stucki and Steiner are companions having played together for many years who always aim to find new musical paths, now by means of this brandnew bass-less format. They glide dreamily between flowing melodies and staccato rhythms, throwing their idiosyncratic artistic approaches at each other.
Their debut-album 'Building' is sonically spellbinding and cohesive, yet very diverse just as each of their concerts. Their compositions make way for subtle to bursting improvisations. The freedom they take is an immediate result by the dialog between the musicians, the audience and performance space. 
Stucki and Steiner love pulsating music and they play within extreme dynamics and with great musical mindfulness which infuses all their pieces and improvisations.

release information

Album Title: Building
Release Date: 04.05.2018
Format: CD, Vinyl, Digital
Released on Hout Records, sub-label of Radicalis Music


Label, Hout Records: Dominic Stämpfli /