„Portugals biggest hope in pop music: Surma. Musicians like Austra or Zola Jesus will be amazed when they listen to the perfectly matched electronic miniatures in every Surma song.“ – Musikexpress

Hailing from the small Portuguese town Leiria, the 22 year old Débora Umbelino aka Surma produces wonderful music that lies in between stunning electronica and ambient orchestrations of beatific, mind-opening sonic environments. 

Even before the release of her first album Surma was invited to play renowned Reeperbahn Festival, with Eurosonic and SXSW to follow in 2018. The same year will see the release of Surmas debut album „Antwerpen“ in Germany, Austria and Switzerland that presents a body of breathtaking sound designs and heartwarming tracks. With every one of the 10 songs labeled in a different language, translating to elemental words like 'place', 'traveller' and 'origin', the music somehow embodies the stillness of 'home' in an ever-shifting world.  Surma creates her hauntingly beautiful music by mixing her own guitar and bass playing with an unusual mix of different electronic sounds that she combines with the help of a variety of effect and loop pedals. Her child-like vocals and synth pads soak the listener in a style reminiscent of Björk or a more ambient Imogen Heap.

Watch Surma weave spells and work magic, like a network of glistening vines embedding in a growing global consciousness.


Booking CH: Sevi Landolt /
Label & Promotion DE+AT: Christoph Hallerberg /
Promotion CH: Cristina Vega /

Label ROW: Omnichord Records
Booking BeNeLux: Toutpartout


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