king of the bees

The night is still young (CH)

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the night is still young

For the past ten years, Marco Naef has been working under the pseudonym The Night Is Still Young (TNISY for short). He will release his debut album ‘King of the Bees‘ 23 March 2018. Over the years, he has also played in many bands including ‘Navel’, ‘Don’t Kill the Beast’, ‘Tranqualizer’ and ‘David Max and the Sons of the Void’. He released an EP as TNISY and at one point faced various hurdles which almost brought him to his knees. He compares this wretched feeling of a mental meltdown to a swarm of bees in his head, which needed to be soothed and somehow overcome – and proceeded to crown himself ‘king of the bees’, with his own self acceptance.

release information

Album Title: King of the Bees
Release Date: 23.03.2018
Format: Vinyl* & Digital
*Limited to 500 pcs. hand signed & numbered


Promotion CH: Cristina Vega /                                           Promotion DE & AT: Christoph Hallerberg /
Label: Dominic Stämpfli /

Booking: Phillipp Veit /