Laying everything on the line. Following that yearning without compromise, wherever it may take you. No more right, no more wrong. Turning demons and pain into friends, no matter how dark those inner depths may be. With his solo debut "Bye, bye", Strozzini's former lead singer Tobias Carshey gives deep insight into his emotional world. A world that is vulnerable, relentlessly revealing, sad and beautiful all at once.

Producer Luk Zimmermann (Lunik, MiNa, Kutti MC) proved to be the perfect partner in crime for this venture. Both of them allowing the music space for silence and giving room for unexpected, creative moments. Creaking chairs and breathing sounds included. "Bye, bye" both gently and powerfully unleashes a melancholy storm that makes you stop for a moment. So does Tobias Carshey’s carrying voice − uncompromising yet full of longing

"It takes courage to be vulnerable but that's precisely what fascinates me. And that's precisely what life's about."



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