Yalta club

HYBRIS, the new album by Yalta Club, is surprising. A chronicle of an inevitable, yet reversible, collapse.

At a time when music tends to be reduced to a few disembodied slogans, Hybris is suprising with its sense of nuances. From Melancholia (Lars Von Trier) to La Route (Cormac of McCarthy), Yalta Club has portrayed an album-testimony of a dazed human society who has been sacrificed on the altar of excess, but it’s not the last we’ll hear from them. Hybris presents us with a metamorphosed Yalta Club. The teenage car efree air of the first album is followed by a vision. From the volcanic energy at the beginning, to the desire for a sensory experience. From the initial shyness to an assertive identity. Produced and arranged by the talented Florent Livet - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix - and Pavle Kovacevic - My God is Blue by Sébastien Tellier, Hybris is a dense and melancholic initiation journey in the form of triptych: Defeat, Drift, Resist. Yalta Club’s 11 new songs oscillate between these three contradictory, yet compatible, feelings, like witnesses of a band in full human and artistic evolution.

From the spastic love cry - LOVE -, a ballad-ode to the end of the world - Something to Remember–to the hymn to the glory of the Icarian dream - Stars -, Hybris imparts arite-of passage narrative of a band who refuses to accept passive resignation and triumphs the collective experience as the ultimate defense against the collapse. And if the future depicted by Hybris seems gloomy and unsure, that of Yalta Club is undoubtedly a silver lining.


EP Title: Midas
Release Date: 17.06.2016
Format: Digital


Management, Booking CH, Promotion CH: Dominic Oehen / d.oehen@radicalis.ch
Label:  Dominic Stämpfli / d.staempfli@radicalis.ch

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